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Champions we have had the pleasure of handling to Titles      

DC/AFC Blueridge Major Adventure  -  Owner: Laura Wilder
DC/AFC TC's Match Boks Racer  -  Owner: Laura Wilder
DC/AFC Blueridge Blazen Gem - Owners: Janeen Schneider & Jan Kilpatrick
DC/AFC Chief Justice Huggy Man  - Owner: Tom Graves
DC/AFC Wayside's Blueridge Runner  - Owners: Tom Longfellow*
DC Ammo's Hot Wheels - Owners: Rick & Nan Crites
DC Powder River's Nobody But Me - Owner: Cheryl Krajcar
DC Blueridge's Hunter Gonna Fly - Owners: Sandra Frost & Don Frost Jr.*
DC BDR's Zigman Floyd  - Owner: Brian Riggle
DC T"Kalis Feel The Wind   - Owner: D Downing & Laura Wilder              
DC Hi Point I Believe I Can Fly  - Owner: Capt. F M Kershaw
DC T'Kalis Hi Flyin' Ace - Owners: Ernie & Tania Capello
DC KK Majorette's Coquina  - Owner: Ken & Kaye Moore  
DC KK Lone Star Ranger  - Owner: Ken & Lyndsey Moore     
DC Hi Proof Whizki  - Owner: Leland Dye
DC Blueridge's Nosy Lady Kate  - Owner Dick & Cindy Mantler*       
DC Lafayette Border Baron UDX2 MH  - Owner: Bobby & Sue Armstrong            
FC/AFC Blueridge's Sundance Express  - Owner:  D Downing & Mike Godin
FC/AFC Powder River's Tri Ur Luck - Owner: Cheryl Krajcar
FC Blueridge Grounds Keeper - Owner: Tina Travis*
FC Bucks Sir Charles Of DMR  - Owner: Ed Peace
GCHS Dirty Bird's I'll Have Another - Owners: Nathan Pate, Rick & Nan Crites*
GCH Powder River's Angel Wings - Owner: Cheryl Krajcar
GCH Powder River's Ungoverned - Owner: George Stern
GCH Powder River's Dear Abby - Owner: George Stern
GCH Powder River's 4U2NV - Owner: George Stern
GCH Powder River's Top Gun - Owner: George Stern
GCH Powder River's Red Diamond - Owner: George Stern
CH Sandstone Little Miss Sure Shot - Owners: Janet & Emma Ranney
CH Dirty Bird's Lightning Stryker - Owners: Rick & Nan Crites
CH Sandstone H
igh Caliber - Owners: Janet Ranney & David Downing
CH Avalon's Baja Vacation - Owners: Jean Nelson & Betty Nelson Pollock
CH Get A Dirty Bird's Sisters Of The Heart - Owners: Rick & Nan Crites
CH Triumphant's Barbi Doll - Owner: David Downing
CH Sandstone Shades Of Charlemagne - Owners: Michael & Janet Ranney
CH Dirty Bird's Playing With Fire - Owners: Rick & Nan Crites
CH Dirty Bird's Girl On Fire - Owners: Rick & Nan Crites
CH Blueridge's Crusader - Owner: Teresa Downing*
CH Blueridge N' Firefly's Hellcat - Owners: Greg & Leslie Stalker*
CH Autens Belle Of Briarwood - Owner: Jimmy Canada
CH Blueridge's Let'sgetreadytorumble - Owners: Julie LaRue & David Downing*
CH Blueridge's Hot Fudge Sundae - Owner: Cary Czichon
CH Faison's The Saints Are Marchin' In - Owners: Nancy Clendenen & David Downing
CH Dirty Bird's Millette Masquerade - Owners: Rick & Nan Crites
CH Blueridge's Triple Crown - Owners: Tania Capello & David Downing*
CH Blueridge's Candy Swirl - Owner: Tom & Melody Longfellow
CH Crosscreek One Shot Counts - Owners: Nan Crites & David Downing
CH Dirty Bird's Divine Hope - Owners: Nan Crites & David Downing
CH Warbonnet's Clever Bag O' Trix - Owner: Tania Capello
CH Kountytyme Mtn Of Fire-N-Ice - Owners Rose Leale & David Downing
CH Blueridge's Sparklin' Gem  - Owner: Geraldine Hairgrove*
CH Chief's Savannah  - Owner: Pete Price                   
CH Ataboy's Rusty Red Baron   - Owner: Larry & Geraldine Hairgrove                 
CH Blueridge Lucky Lady  - Owner: Capt. F M Kershaw                    
CH Blueridge's Ambren Express  - Owner: D Downing & Ed Peace
CH Blueridge Rocky Mtn High   - Owner: Jo Ellen Corley*                  
CH Jordean Sporting Life  - Owner:  Joy Atkins                                           
CH Blueridge's Poetic Justice  - Owner: Dwight & Lorri Broering*
CH Cayenne Rememington Steele   - Owner: Lynn Bryant
CH Peachcreek Radio Flyer   - Owner: Rob Gilliard & D Downing*                       
Ch Cimmaron's Thunder Rose  - Owner: D Downing              
CH Blueridge's Wind Of Adventure  - Owner:  Geraldine Hairgrove*
CH Candy Rock Express  - Owner:  Tania Downing
CH Peachcreek Downtown Davina  - Owner: D Downing
CH TNK's Feather Finder JH  - Owner: Stan Wiggins
CH Peachcreek's Billy The Kid SH  - Owner: Tania Downing
CH Peachcreek's Robo Dawg  - Owner: D Downing
CH Shyann' Seminole Wind - Owner: Lynn Bryant
DC Powder River's Nobody But Me
Bucks Dream Catcher
Amber Dreams

2012 & 2013 Bluebonnet 1hr Open All Age
Blake finished his field championship in one
season, with me, after puppy points were put
on him, by the owner. He has 2 one hour
Open All Age 1st place wins . He is a very
biddable dog, with a great nose. He finished
his show championship this summer, in
about 3 months time, to complete his Dual

Blake is OFA Good & DNA Profiled

Owners:  Cheryl Krajcar & Teresa Downing
CH Blueridge's Hot Fudge Sundae
FC/AFC Blueridge Grounds Keeper
DC T'kalis Feel The Wind

Scout finished his Show championship with
ease and now is working on his Dual. He has
his puppy and derby points and is now
running broke dog stakes. He has multiple
placements in adult stakes and is a pleasure
to run. He was the 2012 Texas Derby Classic

Scout is OFA Good & DNA profiled

Owner:  Cary Czichon
CH Sandstone Shades Of Charlemagne
DC Delane's Speak Of The Devil
CH Ranneys Amazing Grace

Charlie is finished in the show ring and is
working on his Dual Championship. He is a hard
running dog that will be competing in All Age
stakes This fall. He has intensity and style on
point to die for.

Charlie is OFA Good

Owners:  Michael & Janet Ranney
GCHS Dirty Bird's I'll Have Another
DC Ammo's Hot Wheels
Blueridge's Marble Beach

Lewis was the 2014 Texas Derby Classic
Winner. He is a front running dog with a no
nonsense approach in the field. He flew
through his show championship and finished
his Grand Championship with ease.

Lewis is OFA Good & DNA Profiled

Owner:  Rick & Nan Crites